WordPress vs Website Builders: Which Option Is Best?

WordPress vs Website Builders: Which Option Is Best?

There’s not a single ounce of a doubt who leads the pack when it comes to CMS (Content Management System) market share. There are other content management systems available, but, there’s nothing like – WordPress!

With WordPress, it’s never been easier to create a website for your business, and even more complex solutions such as larger multisite platforms, SaaS systems, CRM, and server infrastructures as well. The project that you want to create will determine how complex the process will be, and if and why you should choose WordPress as your CMS platform.

However, since we’re talking about “versus the rest”, let’s discuss all things WordPress, its competitors, and advantages, and disadvantages in order to help you make an informed decision on which one to use for your business.

Why Is WordPress the Perfect CMS?

Yes, WordPress started as a blogging platform, and it is still the best solution if you want to kickstart your blog. But, with respect to other CMS platforms, WordPress evolved into something that is so much more than a blogging platform!