Who we are

Ikonic Design is a Creative Graphic Agency designing with you in mind.

Based in Montreal, Québec, we cater to international clients all over the world. We’ve worked with clients in places such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, British Columbia, and more since 2015. Our aim is to help startups by understanding what makes you unique, asking questions about where you’re going, and working together to elevate your company’s digital presence.

Our passion is to see you succeed by bringing creativity, clean and modern design, and a fresh set of eyes to help you maximize your potential. We work with WordPress websites, ecommerce platforms, and a host of digital tools to engage your audience and make you shine.

It's hard to attract great people without great work.

Our team is a digital agency that goes beyond mere hard work and also provides inspiration for all of your upcoming projects. We’re a team of designers focused on providing expertise to help your project achieve the best results. We take a collaborative approach to provide you with inspiration and expertise from all our different fields of study – no matter what challenges you face.

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