Building a website and Social Media Content

About the project

An Award-Winning True Story about Hope, Kindness, and Breaking Barriers.

Saving Scruffy is an inspiring true story about overcoming life’s challenges and finding your inner strength.

Who is Scruffy? The bravest (and cutest) dog you will ever meet! When he was a puppy, Scruffy was left abandoned and badly injured at a fire station. He teaches us that everyone deserves a second chance. He encourages us to embrace our individuality. And most importantly, he shows us that love can do magical things.


The client wanted to keep the original logo mostly intact, so our rebranding mostly focused on the typeface and colors to modernize and create a clean look. We had to craft a story around previously existing design elements. The web development and design were on a tight timeframe, as the client had deals in progress that relied on the new website design to implement. The client also had some specific needs with regard to the e-commerce portion of the site.

The Execution